Friday, 19 July 2013

Selflessly: In the eyes of the beholder

Have you ever had all the thoughts in your head with little or no way to express? As though you can't get the thoughts out? It's almost has though they are stuck in storage. This happens to me ever so often. On to the purpose of this post.

Lately, I've been taking pictures and having my picture taken and examining myself. I looked at a few of the photos and thought; that girl can be anything that she desires to be. But, stepping back into myself I couldn't cultivate the thought. My mind was puzzled at my very own actions. It almost appears that I see more potential in the girl within the pictures than the real individual.
When I look at her I see someone with big dreams, who has it together, is strong, innovative, a philanthropist, a business person, writer and a caregiver. I see all of these accomplishments within her very own basket but then make funny faces when I picture that girl has my very own, self. Strange? Of course it is. I want to change that. I want to visualize that same being in the picture with those vast achievements and believe undoubtedly that I am all of those things and more. I believe I am capable of being more than my mind has taught me or convinced me with it's sweet seduction. I am my biggest enemy and my strongest defeater.

This will absolutely be a new journey but I know it's possible. With Christ I can do all things.

Check out more photos taken by Dwayne K Smith Photography

Happy growing
God bless you