Thursday, 18 July 2013

Library Finds

As you all might know from my Hol Mi Close post, I recently got summer employment. This is my first official job; most, if not all of the work I've ever done has been volunteerism. Currently, I work in a library providing assistance in summer school and other duties. While passing time I found a book with a collection of Marcus Garvey's quotes, so here we go.

Marcus Garvey said
Compiled and edited by Ken Jones
In the table of contents there is a variety of topics the quotes are centered around below are the few I chose.

Black Beauty
"Beauty, virtue and goodness are the exculsive attributes of no one race. All humanity have their shortcomings, hence no statement of mine, at any time, must be interpreted as a wholesale praise of, or attack upon any race, people or creed."
Marcus Garvey

"What we (Jamaicans) lack is self-help and self-reliance. We expect too much from the state. As a people we are always blaming someone else or the state for the lack of progress, but I swear it by God that it is the people who have kept themselves."
Marcus Garvey

"Those who desire to serve the people must be prepared for the criticism of the unjust and uncharitable"
Marcus Garvey

Negro Weakness
"The negro fights himself too much. His internal conflicts constitute the puzzle of our age. Every other day he is smashing up what he has made, and so the process goes on. He never permanently constructs. We now realize that the system takes us nowhere."
Marcus Garvey

Personal Conflict
"Never cringe before the stare of man. Develop enough courage, character, boldness and self-confidence to look any man in the face and hold your ground. The first time you take your eyes off him because of his stare, he conquers you."
Marcus Garvey

Can't recall what the theme for the second quote is; will update soon.