Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hol Mi Close

For the last few months I've been irritated, frustrated, confused and angry. The decision of what to do as a career choice was really getting to me and I was almost completely fed up. One minute it would appear as though I was closer to the designated choice and then something happened to bring me back to the state of confusion. If you saw my quick Hilow then as noted you would have seen that I wasn't doing so well. I believe it was all the stress I was under that caused it.
At one point I was experiencing foggy eyes, feeling like I just going to faint and other times headaches. I'm going to get through this and I'm pray that I make the right choices as it regards to my future. Let's take a few steps back; now, pause. Over 3  months or so ago I had a dream that I had received a job. In the dream my aunt brought this sheet of paper and told me to look for the shift I was working on. I checked to see the time and thought of how I'd get home seeing that I would be working into the evening period. As I thought about that in my dream I also realized that my brother no longer had a vehicle. (Play) However, it wasn't until my brother's vehicle was stolen that I remembered about the dream I had. Two months ago I sent out a few resumes and application letters to gain summer employment and no one called me back. Everywhere I went people kept riding me about getting a job; I was annoyed but then didn't let what they had to say bother me. Thursday of last week I got a phone call about a job opening, absolutely elated I could hardly contain myself. This is my first week at work; it has its ups and downs but I'm giving thanks all the same. To be frank I thought about giving up but figured I need to push this one out. God's always making a way for me even when I constantly fail him. Thank you God for forgiving me and granting me life, strength and a job.

Peace and Blessings
God Bless you