Sunday, 7 July 2013

50 Things about Me

1. I'm a Christian
2. I was baptized at 14 years of age
3. I was burnt on my legs by hot tea
4. I'm nearsighted
5. I'm moody
6. My favourite colour is blue
7. Second favourite is purple
8. I love poetry
9. I love to cook

10. Night before Dawn by Roschelle McKenzie is my favourite novel
11. I've been a volunteer my whole life
12. I traveled abroad once
13. I remember almost everything
14. I'm observant
15. I love to make people laugh; even if it means I have to embarrass myself
16. I'm both extroverted and introverted
17. I like to mimic accents
18. My grandparents died before I was born
19. The oldest person I know is 80 years of age
20. I was the Youth President of my church for 2 + years
21. One of my pet peeves is after I've washed the dishes, I see the very same dishes I just cleaned dirty.
22. I have many testimonies of how God has helped me
23. I enjoy making funny faces
24. I consider myself to be creative
25. I have one sibling

Look out for the next 25 facts.

Peace and Blessings
God Bless you