Monday, 3 June 2013

Wata de Scalp

Sidenote: I fell off of the May blogging challenge :( and I haven't post anything since my little rant the other day. Sigh. We're now at 35 followers Woop Woop. I first want to thank God for allowing my mother to conceive me and secondly for helping this blog to come thus far. Tears* Thank you also for reading and supporting as well. Tears* Hugs* My hair had been feeling like a scouring pad lately and so I made a plan to do an overnight deep condition. I used a Vo5 conditioner and added coconut oil to it. This wash day was on May 21, 2013.

1. Finger detangled and parted my hair into 4 sections. Then applied conditioner and steamed overnight.
2. The following day I detangled with my wide teeth comb. Rinsed conditioner out with warm water and then sealed with cool water.
3. Placed a t-shirt on my head to absorb water while I did other chores.
4. Applied chi silk infusion and shea butter mix as heat protectant
5. Blow dried in sections alternating between medium and high heat.
6. Applied more shea butter mix and plaited hair. (22 plaits in total)
7. Dusted and trimmed

After deep conditioning my hair was super soft and moisturized. All I did was deep condition on this wash day nothing else. Normally on a shampoo day I use warm water to open the cuticle while I'm shampooing but the last two shampoo sessions I had back to back I didn't do it. So I assumed that my hair felt that way because I hadn't totally removed all the product from my hair plus I didn't open the cuticle so that proper absorption could take place.  I was dreading the blow drying part but I actually enjoyed it. My first "blow out" wasn't this straight so I did a lot better this time. On hairlista I posted a picture of my hair where I was almost waist length but I've been cutting like crazy so I'm back to Mbl. Looks and feels a lot healthier so I'm not sad. Check out my healthier mbl length on instagram IG: kreamykurls