Monday, 3 June 2013

Kreamy Feature: Jo Jo

1.How did you start your hair journey?
   When I was relaxed I used to relax my hair every 4 weeks and this worked for me until I colored my hair 2 times in one month ( a big no no, by the way) and all hell broke, my hair started to break until eventually I started to lose my thickness. I went to my hair dresser and she said that I should cut my hair. Yeah right, I never did. I went home went to Google thinking I must be able to fix my hair cause cutting it was out of the question and I found miss Sunshyne from Hairlista, I watched her video on Youtube and I was a believer lol. I started to do more research and never looked back. From the day I started my hair journey I have been consistent in everything I do to my hair.

2. Are you relaxed or natural?
    I am natural and loving it.

3. If natural, did you big chop or transition?

 I did both I think, I transitioned for 8 months did the big chop on August 12, 2011 at 8:30 pm lol. Yeah don't laugh I remember the time. The plan was to transition for 2 years, but the two textures were crazy to deal with.

4. What's your favourite deep condish?
     Well, this is not a deep conditioner, it is a wash out conditioner, but my hair loves it and it does the job. It is Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner.

5. What's one thing you do to your hair that if you told your friends, they would do this--------> o_O
    Black castor oil mixed with a lot of peppermint oil. All my "good" friends at work are now on a hair journey with very good results and we all are obsessed with "castor oil mixed with a lot of peppermint oil" I am the only natural one though.

6. What's your technique for retaining length? 
    Protective styles, deep conditioning and moisturize and seal. My go to protective style is twists, medium size twists. I twist my hair I do not add extensions; so only my hair will get the benefits of moisturizing  and the deep condition while I war my twist and I keep them in for 6-8 weeks.

7.What's your hair goal?
Well, me nuff so mi a go fa Waist length hair. 
(Translation: Waist length is her goal length.)