Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wata de Scalp

Sidenote: It had been six weeks since my last wash and let me tell you my hair was tangled and Dry; yes with a capital D. Picture this exams, final projects, two chunky braids and a tam/beanie for two weeks. Yup two whole weeks of wearing a tam to school and you know what else I did I didn't wear a scarf and so the tam sucked everything from my hair. Don't be like me people, please don't.

Monday April 29, 2013
1. To my Wow Honey and Almond Conditioner I added pureed pumpkin and banana so as to add extra moisture as this is a protein condish. I applied mix to my six sections and steamed my hair for 1 hour.
2. I detangled with the conditioner and it was fairly easy to detangle. My curls were very well defined and my hair was soft. I did experience some breakage.
3. With the conditioner still in I shampooed my hair with a diluted shampoo mix of Vo5 Volumizing Shampoo, water and a few drops of tree tea and lavender essential oil.
4. I cowashed using Vo5 Nourishing Conditioner with calming chamomile tea.
5. I moisturized and sealed with Cantu Shea Butter leave in, Vitamin E and Shea butter.
6. Trimmed 1/1/2 inches of each of my six braids as my ends were really scraggly
7. Left my hair to airdry

Wednesday May 1, 2013
I flat twisted the front section of my hair using vitamin E for twists as I'm out of shea butter. I used castor oil on my edges to start my twists. I did the flat twists fairly smaller this time as I want them to be neater and last a bit longer. However, my arms got tired and the last four flat twists on my right side are way larger in comparison to the side shown above. For the back I used my banana clip, and bobby pins for this Weave and Believe updo. Added four beads on pins to class up the style. My hair had a natural shine but wasn't very moisturized, I probably should have left out the Cantu Leave in because that's a protein product. I bagged two night in a row to partake some moisture. Feels a lot less hay-like.