Monday, 6 May 2013

Life of Spice: Mangoes

Sidenote: My natural venacular is not Standard English but rather Jamaican Creole. However, some people don't understand it so well and so I use the universal lanuguage. Yeah English. A Jamaica mi come from an nuff people try fi mimick wi language but a part from di language mi wah fi show unuh one likkle side a Life wid Spice. Translation: I'm Jamaican breed and grown and a lot of people have tried to mimic our language. But apart from the language I want to showcase to you a life of spice.

Exams are over and I was greeted by many mangoes in the house and I thought time for some more Jamaicanness on the blog. (Yes I said Jamaicanness) Seeing that it's summer and mangoes are in season I decided to share with you today. There are three types of mangoes depicted here:

  • East Indian orginally from Eastern India thus the name.
  • Julie or St. Julian- I'm unsure of why this mango is called Julie but I'll keep asking around.
  • Kruffie- is a type of common mango. We call it common basically because they are very plentiful. As for the Kruffie; the texture of the mango skin is rough or krusty-feeling and that's why it's called that.
However, mangoes are not limited to the three stated above, oh no, hopefully mi can show unuh sum mor/ hopefully I can show you some more.
Jamaica- Out Of Many One People