Monday, 13 May 2013

Kreamy Feature: Annessa

1.How did you start your hair journey?
 How, lol Um..well...when I just relaxed my hair I  was getting nurmerous advise from different sources, some were obviously bad, others good and some just weird. So I found myself getting dependent on my hair dresser because I was scared and confused. That, in the end turned out be extremely costly and I found out that because of the dependency I didn't know my own hair. Meaning, for example with our bodies, when we are thirsty we see and notice that our mouths get dry or our skin looks pale and we notice this change because we know our bodies. Therefore any changes that does occur we can address immediately. I couldn't say the same for my hair. I began to notice changes in my hair but found my self asking questions like "was my hair always this thin or its just my imagination?" or "was this part of my hair always short?" . I hated not knowing and always depending on a person, that deals with multitudes of other persons a day to give me answers about my own hair. So I went on a quest for knowledge. Saying all this to say, I went on my hair journey because I wanted to get to KNOW my own hair. :)

2. Are you relaxed or natural?
I am relaxed

3.What's your favourite deep condish?
  Ettenio's Cocolicious

4.What's one thing you do to your hair that if you told your friends, they would do this--------> o_O
 lol people always give me that look any time I mention that I wash and deep condition my hair my self every week or when I stretch my relaxer for 15 weeks.

5.What's your technique for retaining length?
 Moisturizing and sealing my hair every night. Key to "retaining" and not just growing, length is to protect your ends. It makes no sense you concentrate on stretching or growing out your hair and have your ends deteriorating. Also MINIMUM HEAT!! I'd be a hypocrite to say no heat lol I mean come on lol I give my self a heat pass at most twice a month. My heat pass is permission to add direct heat to my hair using curling or flat irons.

6. What's your hair goal?
 My hair goal is Mid back length
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