Thursday, 25 April 2013

Challenge Time: No Length Checks Until September 2013

Sidenote: Being on my hair journey for over 2 years I've created a challenge for myself; and I've been doing it for over a year now. Prior to this everything revolved around my hair and I was impatiently waiting for the day I'd have long hair. Pulling at my strands to see how far they had grown, as such I challenged myself to not check my hair for xyz time. So I've decided to share and invite others to participate. My previous length check shows my length retention after my challenge. I've decided to do official length checks twice a year because I have a better illustration of the length gained and retained.

I've started this group because I know from experience the anxiety and disappointment that I went through by frequently tracking and checking my hair length. So..
I will not be implementing a lot of strict rules other than 1 LC over the period of this challenge.
The challenge will begin July 23, 2013 and ends September 17, 2013
This will be a 8 week challenge

Rules are as followed:
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Massage scalp to encourage blood flow
  • Take vitamins
  • Low Manipulation
  • Maximum of 2 heat passes  
  • Protective styling (optional)

Whenever you start feeling frustrated or that temptation to check:
Read a book
Call a friend
Write a blog
Cook some food :)
Find something to occupy your time so that you wont do so.

Additionally, if you're on hairlista you can join the challenge using the following link
Also I've decided to start a google page for the posting of starting pictures and after completion.