Monday, 11 February 2013

Protective Style: Empress hair with a touch of love

I'm just doing a quick pop in to show you guys my hairstyle for this week and a hair rose that I made.
 I beat you wouldn't guess what I made it from?
I call this style weave and believe. I'm not sure why I call it that but I believe because of all the crisscrossing, I thought about baskets. shrug* 
This style is one of my favourites in my protective basket; most of my styles have the front section flat twisted because when I first started transitioning I didn't like the look of my new growth so I did that very often. Now, I continue to do it because I have alot of hair and it's easier for me to catch my hair in ponytails or banana clips. I wore a previous style to this one and just decided to refresh my hair by moisturizing and sealing it. I also baggyed the back section of my hair for a day. I will include a picture of last week's style below. I believe this could be a style for a romantic evening, professional events and even day to day activities. I also added a picture of when I did the weave and believe on twists, it's not a great illustration though. Sorry.

Have a lovely  Valentine's everyone
Peace and Blessings