Monday, 28 January 2013

Transitioning Updates and Thank you

 Sidenote: I'm slowly coming on to being 24 months post relaxer. February 23, 2013  and this day is also my father's birthday. To the left are just a few images of my transitioning hair. Some of you should know from earlier that I lost most of my hair journey pictures :(. So I have to be working with what I have now. Being in university now I've had to relay on protective styles and they have been contributory to my length retention. My regimen has also gotten very low maintenance since I am away from home. (I should post that one day)
When I started my hair journey research many persons were concerned with being bored or the styles not looking good. Personally, I love them and it makes transitioning bearable. I'm just doing a pick pop in, so POP :)

I want to thank you all for your support, I've made it to 4.000+ page views and that is just awesome to me. I started out with very few followers and I'm now at 21. I am absolutely humbled and appreciative for all those who have joined me. Thank you, I appreciate you

Thanks for passing by
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