Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kurly Feature: Sara Bettencourt

1 Are you on a hair journey? If so how'd you start?

My hair journey hit an amazing point when I wore my hair down and out for the first time as a young adult. It was based on a suggestion from someone else and I haven't looked back. At this point I'm just enjoying my locks.

2 Are you relaxed or natural?

All natural :)

3 Have you been natural all your life or are you a new natural?

Natural my whole life.

4 What's your favourite deep conditioner?

Surprisingly enough I haven't found one I'm in love with yet - I'm still on the hunt. If you have one, please share. 

5 What's one thing you do to your hair that would make people do this---------> o_O

When I straighten my hair. People are extremely shocked since its on the opposite end of what my natural hair looks like.. Sometimes they even say they like it more. I do love how it looks, but I wouldn't trade my curls for anything else. 

6 Do you have a goal length that you'd like to achieve?

 I'd love to have my hair reach my lower back when it's out and curly. Granted it can be hard to manage as is, but I think it could look great. 

7 What would you say to persons who are natural but can't accept their hair?

You just have to become comfortable in your own skin and who you are. After that your comfort level with your hair will come along. There was a long time I wouldn't wear my hair down... After a day of wearing it out I haven't looked back.

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