Monday, 10 December 2012

Recent Purchases and My Mom's Hair

Sidenote: I purchased the Chi Silk Infusion and Goody Denman over the summer holidays. Clears throat* I wrote down my review in my hair journey book but never truly got to doing a post. I bought the silk infusion to attempt "flat ironing" but ended up using this product on my mom and aunt who are relaxed. On this particular wash day I wanted to do a roller set but mom said just blow dry it and style it. So the Aveeno volumizing mousse and rollers were removed. 

I parted her hair in four sections applied my shea butter (purple container) and then the silk infusion. After this I detangled with the wide teeth comb and used the Goody brush to blow dry. I removed a few of the teeth from the brush, leaving three rows of teeth in the brush to minimize the level of breakage. The next two pictures will be her hair blowdried. The hair was amazingly smooth and soft. I believe my mom was a few weeks post in this picture. We're working to get her ends where they should and can be. But overall I'm proud of how far her hair has come. #GoMom

This is how her hair was styled when I was finished. Brushed it into a ponytail and put on a phony pony. Add a beaded necklace to make it pretty.

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