Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Length Check time!

Sidenote: It's been seven months since I did a blowout or any heat style to that. I didn't have a blowdryer while at school so that made air drying mandatory. I wanted to wait until I did a blowout to do an official length check but figured it was long over due. My last blowout was in April and during school I wore a tam, twists or bun styles. It has been two years since I've been on this hair journey. In the beginning I could never understand how everyone kept saying be patient. I now truly understand, and will admit it isn't easy but I'm thankful for how far I've made it with God's grace. Thank you Jesus!! :)
I started my journey November 7, 2010 and the picture to the left is after my four month stretch February 23, 2011. I'm now 23 months transitioning and detangling is a little pain but I'm happy.

I'm not good at check how much length I gained but my hair is now touching my bra near to the middle where the hooks are. I'll consider myself Bsl when it's touching the bottom of the strap. 

Peace and Blessings