Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Feature: Naturalcinders

1. How did you start your hair journey?
Well I had gotten a relaxer and a few months after having it my hair started to break off. I noticed I went from having long flowy hair to it being barely shoulder length and super thin, so one morning I cut it about an inch long and had my sister weave me up. I had no idea it was called a "big chop" or that I was on a "hair journey " all I knew was that I wanted my natural hair back. So now after a year and 8 months my hair is one inch away from BSL :)

2 Are you relaxed or natural? 
I Am Natural, Of Coarse :)

3 If natural, did you big chop or transition?
I big chopped !

4 What's your favourite deep condish?
I use coconut oil & olive oil mixed to deep condition

5 What's one thing you do to your hair that if you told your friends, they would do this--------> o_O
Well people always ask when I wear my hair flat ironed, how does it get the natural shine look without using grease, and how do  I get it so straight : well the process starts with me parting my hair and applying shampoo, taking my ends and applying conditioner, and then rinsing out the shampoo with warm water. I only shampoo my scalp, after that I use cold water and a moisturizing shampoo to rinse my head, then I part my hair and apply peppermint oil and rosemary oil directly on my scalp. I then apply coconut oil on the rest of my hair, then air dry or blow dry, then I flat iron. I'll do one pass, wrap my hair up and flat iron again using only 1-2 passes and then I'll have a silky smooth head of  hair .

6 What's your technique for retaining length?
I LOOOOOOVE  my weaves , they are my best kept secret to retaining and adding to my length , but I also take care of my hair underneath the weave. Every 2-3 months I give my scalp some breathing timE.

7 What's your hair goal?
My ultimate goal is hip length , which is about 8 inches away but I have a few mini goals before I get there. 
bsl - 1 inch away 
mbl - 3 inch away 
wl - 5 inch away 
 hl - 8 inch away