Friday, 16 November 2012

Wata De Scalp

Sidenote: This wash day was done on November 10, 2012 in preparation for my birthday. I wanted to do a twisted updo but different things came up when I went home for the weekend and so the twists- didn't happen -_-. The back section that I catch into a bun hadn't been washed in 5weeks and the front section that I flat twist I would cowash that section. Don't judge me- lol.  I definitely did a thorough cleanse to remove all the oil and butter I had been moisturizing and sealing with.

  • Prepooed with Vo5 Balancing Conditioner for a few hours.
  • Detangled with cowash conditioner.
  • Poured warm water (opened cuticles) on top of the prepoo and shampooed all six sections
  • Applied more Vo5 Balancing Conditioner and made it sit
  • Detangled under shower with cool water (closed cuticles)
  • Braided each section under the water. 
  • Used a t-shirt to absorb some of the excess water.
  • Applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Cream, coconut oil and shea butter mix.
  • Trim/dusted/cut my twists in the flat twist and ends of braids

This style is the same one from my previous Wata de Scalp post. This style has now become one of my favourite styles. It was my first time using the Cantu Leave in Cream (birthday gift) and I must say that I enjoy the smell of the cream. I did notice some "caking" though. When I applied the cantu, and the oil everything was good but when the shea butter went on it didn't disappear in my hair like most times. I wasn't too bothered and just braided it and left it to air dry. Checked again a few hours later and it was gone. My mom complimented on how shiny my hair looked- she said it looked shinier than normal. Perhaps it was the Cantu but I wont attest to it just yet. I want to do some twists so I can do a thorough dusted/trim/cut of the back section and also to prevent too much togging. Since I've been doing buns a lot lately. I haven't done a thorough one since August so it's definitely time. 

Did you think my hair looks shinier than my previous post?