Saturday, 24 November 2012

Transitioning hair: Installing twists

I went the whole week without combing my hair, had it under a tam or what some of you call a beanie or something to that extent. I had put the back into four plaits and the front had been flat twisted from my previous style. I finger detangled the two back sections and re-braided them to keep my hair stretched. My whole intention was to twist my hair but with all the work I saw myself being swamped with I thought, could it be done? So Thursday evening I started to twist and I completed the two back sections that evening/morning. I was doing some school work and twisting my hair at the same time. I used my shea butter mixture to twist and trimmed/dusted the ends. After twisting those two sections I put a small amount of Cantu Shea Butter Leave In on both sides sealed with coconut oil and baggyed both sections. I didn't get the caking I spoke about in my previous Wata de Scalp post. I went to Physical Ed. the following morning and when I got home I took out the bags and bwoy it felt fluffy and moisturized. My assumption is that stretching my hair in my plaits that long made me achieve longer twists; however my No Length Check Challenge has been completed and I haven't had the time to do my Length Check. I'm also having a difficult time snapping the picture at a good angle probably need to ask someone to take it for me. So I haven't completed my twists has yet, but just decided to pop in with a post. 

Do you see my straight ends?