Monday, 15 October 2012

Quickie: Other untold Talents

In my Life of Spice posts I highlight some of my favourite Jamaican meals but I've never made it known about my cake decorating skills. Well, hello, bloggies I call myself a work in progress. Everything I know is self taught and I thank (YT) Youtube for the many videos. I've twicked and manipulated certain techniques but I still receive the same results as those illustrated in videos. My mom asked me to do a last minute decoration for a family friend and while I wish I had more time to have made it "clean". I'm happy how I've improved in my writing (it used to be awwwwwful) Big up to Crumb Boss to. She did a tutorial upon my request and that was a great help.

                                                                                Hope you all have a prospective week. Bless up