Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wata De Scalp

Side Note: So it's been about 3 weeks since my last wash and it was definitely time to give it some love. I'll be starting university soon and so my mom's friend suggested to her that she buy shampoo and conditioner for me in bulk. I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea but I know the products that my hair likes doesn't come in bulk so I was nervous to say. We went to the store, looking around and one of the ladies suggested we try a brand call WOW. I only wanted to get the shampoo and stock up on Vo5 Balancing Conditioner, but my mom told me to get the conditioner has well. Picture below is plaits with my own hair no extensions

  • I made a pumpkin and plantain puree and used that for my pre-poo. Steamed with that for 1hr and 30mins
  • Applied the WOW Moisturizing Conditioner on top of pre-poo and left for a few minutes.
  • Proceeded to detangling, misting my hair with water and applying more conditioner for better slip.
  • Shampooed with WOW Conditioning shampoo in four sections and applied my Vo5 Balancing Conditioner
  • Sealed with grapeseed oil and shea butter
  • Air dried
  • Protective styled and trimmed/dusted/cut
This wash day wasn't the best at all for the WOW shampoo made my hair feel really rough and dry. Definitely not so conditioning has my hair felt amazeballs before with the puree and WOW Conditioner. It felt like the cuticles were lifted, it wasn't smooth or soft at all. I don't easier try new products has I prefer to stick with what works, but I'm preparing for school and didn't want to disappoint the mom. You know?

I washed my hair the Wednesday and decided to put in some plaits with my own hair and I added some hair to the ends for protection. Whenever I have these not so great wash days this is the style I resort to. I parted my hair, killed it with water and applied my shea butter mix and plait.

I also did a length check, I think I wear my bra at mid back length. What do you guys think?