Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What if you lost it all?

 I was roaming through hairlista looking at people's post and came across the post below. It really touched my heart and I decided to share it with you all. I ask that you keep this young lady in your prayers, so that she can recovery and live happily again in the strength of the Lord. This post and picture is not owned by me so no copyright intended. A link to the post will be placed below.

 Blessings.. First before I start this blog.. I want to ask that you lift my family up in prayer.. there is power in numbers!! Amen!! 
Question: is your hair your identity? Are you known as "the girl with the pretty hair? the girl with the "good hair" the girl with the (fill in the blank) hair??? What if you lost it permanently? What would you do? Are you your hair???

The story: My step daughter Shelbi is 19 years old. Not only is she a beautiful girl..first year at IU and living on the dorm.. Her goal is to be a nurse...she has beautiful long hip length hair. Everyone always compliments her on how beautiful her hair is. Two days ago she went go carting with some friends..she hit a bump and her head went back and her hair got caught in the wheels. Her scalp was torn off her head..she was air lifted to trama care... the doctors can't reattach it. The tube was finally taken out her mouth so she can breath on her own.. When she was alert enough to speak her FIRST word was "I don't have any hair" I'm never going outside again.."I'm ugly".. It broke my heart!! 

She will be having cosmetic surgery to reconstruct her scalp and hopefully some hair will grow back. Of course we as a family are blessed that she didn't loose her life because it could have been worst. You always hear about tragic things happening to others..but when it hits home..it's a whole different level!! She will survive..she DID survive!! Thank God for HIS mercy and grace!!
The point of this post is there are so many other things in life worth living for.. physical features are so superficial.. be it looks... hair or whatever.. Time is short and it is something that you can NEVER get back.. and the clock is ticking for us all..how are YOU spending your time??
If you read this far..thank you!! and PLEASE pray for our family!!  Thank you :)