Saturday, 28 July 2012

Can You Handle It?

So on hairlista I decided to start a group. No Length Checks Until November
O_o What?? 
You"re joking right? 

Do you ever find yourself constantly checking your hair length?
Do you feel like your hair isn't growing?
I've started this group because I know from experience the anxiety and disappointment that I went through by frequently tracking and checking my hair length. So..
I will not be implementing a lot of strict rules other than 1 LC over the period of this challenge. So choose the day carefully for you only get one, other than that NO more.
The challenge will begin August 27, 2012 and ends November 14, 2012
This will be a 11 week challenge
Stay Hydrated
Massage scalp to encourage blood flow
Low Manipulation
If you do a heat pass, you're going to be tempted to do a LC. But no peeking. 
Or you could use the heat pass day has your one 1 LC during the challenge.
Individuals are asked to post their starting picture before the 27th of August. Please and Thank you.
Whenever you start feeling frustrated or that temptation to check:
Read a book
Call a friend
Write a blog
Cook some food :)
Find something to occupy your time so that you wont do so.

This challenge is open to both naturals and relaxed. Individuals will follow their respective regimes but no frequent checks.