Saturday, 30 June 2012

Transition Mania

The picture on the left was inspired by Whoissugar, when she did her buns on buns vid. My hair had been in twists w/ flat twist at the front for over a week. It was definitely time for a take down but I wasn't ready. I used bobby pins, a large scarf and my hands. 

The hairstyle below was done during the exam season at school, I received tons of compliments on the style. It is the same hairdo has the above picture but styled in a different way. The twisted region was separated into two halves and fish tail braided. I did a so called halo across my face. I loved this style.

I'm entirely amazed at how far I've made it into this transition. Wow I said it, transition. It took me over a year to say that I'm transitioning to natural hair. I mostly told ppl that I'm doing a really long stretch. I tried stretching for the first time when I was starting my hair journey. I experienced tons of breakage from detangling and improper use of products and after relaxing my hair looked like the picture on the right.

First stretching attempt:                                                                                    

I'll can definitely say that I've seen improvement and progress. Not only in my hair but also in my whole outlook. I'm teaching myself to be confident in everything that I do. Still a work in progress but anything is possible with the Lord. 

Thank you for stopping by.